Friday, February 12, 2010

Warm, Beautiful, Resilient Cork.

Where do I begin? Cork has a multitude of wonderful qualities. I discovered cork flooring years ago at the Surfaces show in Las Vegas. There I saw a multitude of cork in every color and pattern imaginable.
Like bamboo it regenerates. Harvesting the cork does not kill the cork oak tree. The 6" thick bark regenerates over a period of seven years. Cork oak trees are grown in Portugal, under the protection of Portugese law.
This environmentally friendly product has been used in Europe as flooring for hundreds of years, especially in churches. We have cork floors in this country that have endured for over 200 years. Not only is this product strong and durable, it is warm, resilient, and naturally antimicrobial. It provides the additional benefits of being acoustical and insulating.
The cork tiles which we recommend come pre-finished with a protective urethane layer. Additional urethane my be applied if the cork is being installed in areas where moisture is a concern, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
For a warm, resilient, eco-friendly floor, consider the natural beauty of cork for your next project.


  1. Do you have more photo samples using cork? I found your blog from Angie's list, trying to figure out what flooring to install. Thanks for your update to Angie's list & the link to your blogspot!

  2. I saw a beautiful cork floor in a laundry room in Hamilton Forest. Wonder why I don't see it more?